1.Make unlimited Free calls Through pc to mobiles phones

First download the Below three software to your pc;
[ No need to download if you have Java already on computer]

Install The softwares As mentioned below in order;

>Install Java [ No need to install if you have Java already on computer]
>then Install friendcaller

1.After friendcaller is installed.
2.An icon of friendcaller will appear on your desktop.
3.Click on it.
4.Register an account at friendcaller .
5.Confirm your subscription of friendcaller by verifying your email address .
6.Do not try to make call from friendcaller now because if you call you will only to able to talk to 20seconds only

Configure CheatEngine;

>Install CheatEngine
>Run CheatEngine and click on OpenProcess
>Now In Cheat Engine enable speed hack
>Edit speed to 0.00 and click Apply
>This will freeze your running timer so that you will be able to call for unlimited time.
>For each call it will charge you 0.02$ out of 0.10$
>No timelimit is there for every call .
>Talk as much as you can to your friends , Families , Girlfriend and boyfriends
>After 5 call All the credits will be used/finished
>For that make a new account at friendcaller and get 0.10$ credit from friendcaller.